International Program

Hello and welcome to Ƶ International Program

We know you will enjoy your time at our school. We offer a wide range of subjects taught by a large group of dedicated, caring and professional staff. We offer an extensive range of subjects, including academic and practical subjects some you may not be able to do in your current school.

We have teachers specialised in English as a Second Language, Languages other than English, School Councillors, and Pastoral Care workers, Youth Workers, International Coordinator and an International Manager all who are here to help and support you along with your subject teachers. We provide a buddy system to ensure you feel welcomed and comfortable. Your success and happiness both at school and during your stay in Adelaide are import to us and we will support you to succeed in all areas of your life here in Australia.

Overview of programs:

  • Intensive Secondary English Course (ISEC)
  • Graduate Program
  • Study Abroad Program
  • Primary School Program
  • Study Tours
  • Exchange Programs


Intensive Secondary English Course (ISEC)

Graduate and Study Abroad students who need an intensive introduction to the English language, study skills and cultural expectations required for success in Australian schooling may choose to begin their program with ISEC. ISEC class are smaller than mainstream and will allow the students to develop their English proficiency in a specific, supported and structured program across several subjects.


Graduate Program

We offer both a Primary and High School Graduate Program for students wishing to complete their education at Ƶ east College, achieve their South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) and continue into tertiary education.

  • Secondary courses are offered from Years 8 – 12 after completing ISEC or if their English language is at a suitable level, students can enter mainstream classes with local students.
  • English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EALD) is offered to all International students supporting them to further develop their English proficiency.
  • The Middle School Years, 8 – 10, provides a curriculum which is broad and balanced preparing students for effective participation in Australian society.
  • Senior Secondary Education Years, 11 – 12, is available to students who can choose a wide range of subjects to complete a South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) over two years.
  • Our group of dedicated and professional staff are available at break times, before and after school to further help students to be successful with their studies.
  • Graduate students have come from Vietnam, Japan China, Hong Kong and Korea.

Home stay is coordinated by International Education Services (IES) and is supported by our school.  For further information about home stay you will need to contact International Education Services Adelaide on  


Study Abroad Program

This program is perfect for any International student wishing to experience a quality South Australian Education, but not graduate. Students stay with a host family and attend school for a period of 5 weeks to 1 year. While at school, students can join a wide range of classes including Art, Outdoor Education, Music, Sport, Film Making, Cooking, Digital Technology, 3D Printing, Languages, History, Science and English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EALD), while taking advantage of the wide range of camps and excursions these programs offer.

In addition, students with a keen interest in our specialist programs are eligible to join one of our renowned Academies (STEM, Sports, Arts, Business)


Primary School Program

This is for students aged between 5-12 who would either like to graduate primary school, or participate in a Study Abroad Program in our primary school. Students from years 5-7 will be provided with an iPad, where they will access the Australian Curriculum and use throughout their subject areas.

International Students will be provided with:

  • Orientation tour of the school grounds
  • A stationery pack including school planner.
  • Course counselling
  • A student identification card
  • Access to the school internet and email services
  • Printing
  • Excursions and camps
  • Sports fees – Knockout and Zone sports (including sports uniform)
  • Subject course fees in course handbook
  • English language support for students who have English language difficulties
  • Access to of languages not taught at school – which can be done out of the school (ASSOE)
  • Assessment and reporting documentation
  • Graphics calculator are available for loan from the library
  • Year book for long term students
  • Home stay family support
  • Loan of uniform and laptop computer if SAP student less than 10 weeks.

Fees paid do not include:

  • Uniform for long term students or students enrolled for more than 1 term
  • Hire of laptop for more than 1 term
  • School formal tickets
  • School photos
  • Out of school music, voice or sports lessons
  • SACE enrolment and processing fees.



Technology – Cooking, Digital Technologies, 3D Printing, STEM, Advanced Technologies, Materials Construction, Textiles
Languages – French, German, Japanese
Humanities – History, Geography, Ancient Studies, Legal Studies, Society and Culture, International Studies
Science – Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, Nutrition
English – English as an Additional Language, English Literary Studies


Special Interest Programs

Arts Academy – Art, Drama, Dance, Music, Choir and Film-Making
Sports Academy – Target Sport Soccer, Rugby, Volleyball, Basketball, Netball, Australian Football
Innovator’s Academy – STEM
Business Academy – Economics, Legal Studies and Business Innovation.

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Student Testimonials

Japanese student Yu recently completed his 3-term Study Abroad Program at Ƶ. He made the most of his time studying abroad by joining a rugby team, improving his English and exploring our different school subjects on offer.

Yu says “The teachers really care about each and every international student, and I found their empathy and support something I really depended upon. It wasn’t just that I got to meet people from all over the globe and learn about their cultures, it was also great that I met other international students from Japan. I found it really valuable when we sometimes spoke in Japanese about our future dreams, or just chatted, or talked through things that were concerning us.”

Read more of his testimonial here: