Sports Academy

Ƶ offers a special focus Sports Academy program that runs from Year 7 onwards. In Year 7 the Sports Academy students follow a program that develops their core skills and fitness in a range of sports that includes; Australian Rules Football; Basketball; Rugby; Netball; Soccer; Volleyball; Cricket and a range of other complimentary sports. The intention of the program is to develop fitness, skills, gameplay understanding and excellence.

In Years 9 & 10 students can choose to specialise in one or two specific sports per year as well as their compulsory HPE lessons. These programs are designed to develop a higher degree of sport-specific skill and game sense as well as a deeper understanding of the fitness requirements needed for that game. The choice of sports includes; Australian Rules football; Basketball; Rugby; Netball; Soccer and Volleyball.

Students share their experiences in the Arts, Sports and Innovators Academies programs: