13 Jun 24

Community News – Headspace Workshop, Living with Young People

Did you know our Wellbeing Hub has a wall of information about local programs for young people? Students are welcome to browse the flyers to find out more.

See below for an upcoming series of workshops at Headspace at Christies Beach:

Living with Young People is a FREE workshop that helps you as parents and caregivers build an understanding of your teenager and their healthy development. Our workshops are full of helpful information with a choice of simple, practical strategies that each family can adapt for their own parenting situations. Topics to support your parenting include:

  • About young people
  • Adolescent development
  • What parents can do to support their young person
  • What about conflict?
  • A positive approach to guiding behaviour

Workshops are based on the latest parenting research and use information from Parenting SA.

More information can be found .